The Hill

Franciscan Readings for the Christian Year – gladly hosted by the Franciscan Friars (Holy Spirit Province) in Kedron, Australia. Have you seen the view from The Hill?

The Gift of Liberty and Self-Determination : Human Rights Watch.

For many years I have been following the reports of Human Rights Watch, the social justice group associated with the United Nations.   Their World Reports precis the state of our world in our caring for our neighbour in practical terms.   The men and women who are associated with HRW are, in my opinion, heroes.  They often place themselves in immense danger in order to relieve the sufferings of others.    At no small risk to their liberty, these courageous people talk back to the corrupt leadership of nations and say, “Enough is enough!”  HRW does not bother itself with the tiresome issues of “personal rights” that we seem to hear so much about in the media in Australia.  Instead, HRW refuses to pay lip service to the ideal of unconditional love and constantly converts words into action.  I was very moved by this short video of the work they have undertaken in 2011.  

Click here to find out how you can support HRW.



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