The Hill

Franciscan Readings for the Christian Year – gladly hosted by the Franciscan Friars (Holy Spirit Province) in Kedron, Australia. Have you seen the view from The Hill?

About The Hill!

In 2003, Brother Matthew Hufer started an email list with a short reflection on Franciscan readings and a prayer.  This was all to make the life of RECs in Franciscan schools go all funny with delight!  At last they could find a prayer for that tricky staff meeting!  Franciscans On The Hill (FOTH) are a group of schools and other Franciscan entities – St Anthony’s Primary School, Mt Alvernia College (girls), Padua College (boys), The Franciscan Parish of St Therese and St Anthony, the Franciscan Friars and the Missionary Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception – in Kedron (Brisbane) that embody the Franciscan spirit in the tradition of St Francis, St Clare and Elizabeth (Mother Mary Ignatius) Hayes.   This is a resource geared towards sharing the bonum!   We can now all get our fix of our traditional stories on an easy to access blog!  Leave comments, pictures and reflections – all are welcome here, a virtual space where no one is judged or rejected!  Pace e bene!

One thought on “About The Hill!

  1. Cath Maude on said:

    I have just visited your website for the first time and loved it. I will be a regular visitor in the future. Thank you. Cath Maude

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